Make Me a Baker: BakeClub’s 6-month Program for Baking Brilliance

Have you been looking for a way to make your café stand out?

Do you want to bring home-style baking to your café?

Would you love your café to be known for its baking?

Our comprehensive 6-month Make Me a Baker program will give you the know-how and confidence to bring home-style baking to your café. Learn all the tricks you need to bake your own artisan-style goods allowing you to stop out-sourcing mediocre baked goods and create your own style of baking. Become known for your baking and turn your customers into loyal followers and your café into the local place to go!

  • Get the inspiration and know-how to bring home-style baking to your café.

  • Stop out-sourcing your baked offerings and gain the confidence to create your own artisan-style goods.

  • Ensure your customers love your café's baking and become raving fans!

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