Make Me a Baker: BakeClub’s 6-month Program for Baking Brilliance

Are you thinking of starting up a home-baking business?  

Do you love baking and want it to become your day-job?

Would you love to learn how to create artisan-style baked goods and be paid for what you love to do?

Our 6-month Make Me a Baker program will give you the confidence and teach you everything you need to know to turn your love of baking into a business. You will explore your creativity and develop your own unique style of baking, learning to create beautiful, artisan-style home-baked goods and get paid for what you love to do!

  • Make Me a Baker is suitable for all baking levels: from beginner to experienced.

  • You will master all aspects of baking: from the absolute basics right through to advanced techniques.

  • Develop your own style of baking and learn how to create beautiful artisan-style baked goods.

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