Make Me a Baker: BakeClub’s 6-month Program for Baking Brilliance

Do you have a passion for baking and love the creative outlet it allows you?

Have you recently retired or are you looking for something completely different to your day job?

Are you ready to do something for 'you'?

Allow yourself to be immersed in all things baking with our 6-month Make Me a Baker program. You will discover new baking skills and unmatched confidence while being surrounded by like-minded people who all love baking as much as you do! 

Make Me a Baker will give you the creative outlet you've been looking for and enable you to fill your spare time with something truly enriching. Not only will you feed your own creativity, but you will share your new skills and confidence with those closest to you too – trust us, your friends and family will love you for it!

  • Make Me a Baker is suitable for all baking levels: from beginner to experienced.

  • You will master all aspects of baking: from the absolute basics right through to advanced techniques.

  • Allow yourself to do something completely different from your day job (and be just as good at it!).

  • Be praised and loved for your baking!

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