Make Me a Baker: BakeClub’s 6-month Program for Baking Brilliance

The practical, approachable, inspiring and fun way to learn to bake  

Aimed squarely at the home cook, this unique 6-month program is designed to make you a confident, inspired and skilled baker - no matter your current ability!

Program Outline:

Module 1 – Strong Foundations: baking basics

The first module will set the foundations and teach you the basics of baking including a thorough understanding of the ingredients most commonly used in baking and the importance of a carefully selected collection of utensils and equipment.

Module 2 – It's All in the Mix: simple mixing methods

In the second module, we explore simple mixing methods – the perfect starting place if you are new to baking or just want to rebuild your baking skills from the ground up. Quick, easy and fool-proof, these methods will have you whipping up cakes, slices and biscuits in no time!

Module 3 – Recipe Know-how: how to read recipes and write your own

A recipe should always be clear, informative and concise but unfortunately this is not always the case. The third module will explore in detail the ways a recipe can be structured and the terms that may be used so that you confidently know how to get the most out of every recipe.

Module 4 – Cream with Confidence: creaming methods and when to use them

The fourth module will teach you all there is to know about creaming butter and sugar together and when to use this method. Say hello to beautifully light and airy cakes, biscuits, loaves and puddings!

Module 5 – The Science of Baking: understanding the 'why'

One of our most popular sessions, the fifth module will uncover the mysteries behind everyday ingredients and why they affect our baking when used in different ways. We will arm you with the knowledge to make changes to recipes knowing how, and why, they will affect your final product, and how to avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with baking.

Module 6 – Pastry Perfection: pastry-making essentials

The secret to a really fabulous pie or tart, a really good homemade pastry is not as difficult as you may think. In the sixth module, we’ll teach you the hints, tips and tricks so that you can master the art of making melt-in-the-mouth shortcrust pastry, every single time.

Module 7 – Whisk Like a Pro: whisking techniques and all things eggy

The seventh module will explore the different whisking techniques and how to use them in your baking: from light and airy souffles, to gloriously crisp-shelled, snowy-white meringues and how to make the perfect classic sponge, you will learn the importance of eggs in baking and how to ensure the perfect final product each and every time.

Module 8 – Showing Your Best Side: picture-perfect presentation and decoration *with special guest presenters

What do we do once our baking is complete? We plate up of course (and these days we’re more than likely to take pictures too!) During our very special eighth module, Food Stylist Jane Hann will show you how to style and present your baking with magazine-style finishes and professional food photographer Alan Benson will teach you how to expertly capture it on camera.

Module 9 – Advanced Pastry: beyond the shortcrust

Our ninth module will cover all there is to know about puff and choux pastries. Starting off with basic fail-safe recipes for each one, we will also look at several variations, arming you with all the techniques and confidence you need to make your own pastry at home.

Module 10 – Rise to the Occasion: baking with yeast

Our final module is all about bread and baking with yeast. You will learn the difference between fresh and dried yeast (and how to use both in your baking) as well as kneading, proving and all there is to know about baking your own bread, scrolls, pizzas, rolls, flatbreads… With the right know-how, the list is endless!

Show Off Your Skills - Make Me a Baker Graduation

A very special afternoon tea event where you will show off your new skills to your family and friends while celebrating your baking achievements over the last 6 months with your fellow bakers. 

All hands-on classes take place in the Flash in the Pan Studio kitchen in Rosebery (only 10 minutes from Sydney's CBD).

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Interested in Make Me a Baker but not sure if it's for you?

We would love to offer you a special chance to "try before you buy" and get a taste of what Make Me a Baker is all about. Book into Perfect Pastry or The Science of Baking and the total cost of the class will be redeemable if you sign up to Make Me a Baker! 
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* Refund is only to the total of one BakeClass.

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