BakeClub Partners

BakeClub is proud to be associated with these iconic brands:

For almost 100 years, KitchenAid's ubiquitous Stand Mixer has set the standard for reliability, flawless performance and timeless design. Their unique colour palette, introduced in 1955, brought a splash of colour into our kitchens and sent the world of white goods into a downward spin. Over the years, their range has grown to include state of the art food processors, stick blenders and hand mixers.

BakeClub's proud partnership with KitchenAid is born out of the shared passion: for high quality products that ultimately help you produce beautiful food. 

BakeClub has a long established partnership with premium appliance manufacturer, Smeg. Based in Northern Italy, Smeg is a household name in Australia synonymous with appliances that not only look beautiful but are designed to effortlessly bring out the cook in everyone. 

Smeg's comprehensive range includes built-in and freestanding ovens, a full range of compact ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers, barbeques and refrigeration including the iconic FAB retro fridge. A range of similarly retro styled small appliances was recently added, comprising of kettles, toasters, blenders and stand mixers. 

Together, BakeClub and Smeg make cooking a joy – whether it's just for you, your family or entertaining the masses, it is simply technology with style. 

Queen Fine Foods is one of Australia's largest baking brands. Established in 1897 and home to the vanilla that Australians grew up with, Queen makes premium vanilla extracts, vanilla bean paste and a wide range of colours, extracts, syrups and cake decorations. 

Queen will inspire you with its range of fun, affordable, sustainable and innovation-led products both in the BakeClub kitchen and at home as every BakeClass student will receive a very special gift from Queen. BakeClub is proud to be associated with such an iconic Australian brand. 

The original non-stick bakeware, Baker's Secret uses decades of manufacturing experience to design every pan. It has the most extensive range of metal bakeware items including standard everyday pans as well as the more unique, niche shapes.

Good quality bakeware is paramount to successful baking. BakeClub is proud to provide all our BakeClass students with a fabulous range of Baker's Secret products to not only use and experience in the BakeClub Kitchen but also in their own kitchen – each student will take home a special bakeware gift from Baker's Secret.

PYREX® is a household name. Offering kitchen glassware since 1915 the range is characterised by clean design and endless versatility and includes the highly recognisable, and popular, measuring jug.

No kitchen is complete without PYREX® and BakeClub is proud to bring this excellent-quality, and iconic, glassware to the BakeClub kitchen for all students to experience and enjoy. 

ClickClack® is an iconic New Zealand company dedicated to producing stylish and incredibly helpful kitchenware. From storage for the pantry, fridge and benchtop, to handy cooking containers and on-the-go solutions, ClickClack® has produced some of the most innovative and helpful kitchenware around.

An organised pantry with effective storage is essential to any baker's kitchen and BakeClub is thrilled to be a partner of ClickClack®.